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tv   Hannity  FOX News  February 14, 2010 9:00pm-10:00pm EST

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york city on behalf of our amazing crew, this is mike huckabee saying god bless. see you next week. >> coming up next, fearless questions passionate debate. small insight. only "hannity has it all. sean is taking the reigns right now on "hannity. >> the president has a long list of problems to deal with. the latest seems to be keeping his own party together as democrats from coast to coast appear to be turning against him. rockefeller put the latest crack in the democratic armor when he says this about the anointd one. >> he says it in speeches but he doesn't say it in here and in the minds of my own people and he's beginning to be not believable to me. >> ouch. but rockefeller is just the latest in a string of democrats who are speaking out against the administration. earlier this week house speaker nancy pelosi voiced her
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opposition to the president's jobs bill in particular tax breaks for businesses that hire new workers. prince harry reed has his own problems with the bill. we will get to that later tonight. senators nelson and lincoln who joined the gop in opposing the union backed nominee to the national labor relations board. with their help it was in fact defeated. what's the anointed one to do with all of these detectors? joining me with reaction to all of this is number one new york times best selling author columnist overall great american ann coulter. how are you? >> fine, thank you. good to see you. >> we might as well get the liberal blogs going. is there anything you are going to say that will tick people off. >> i know what you are trying to lure me to say just because you have a comeback so i am not saying it. >> when rockefeller uses this statement that listen, it is not believable to me. >> i was on your show a few days before the election when obama the tape came out with his
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interview with with the san francisco chronicle before the election saying he wanted to shut down coal companies. all of these democratic politicians are responding to the american people but the american people are being reminded what it's like to have a democrat as president and this is the process they go through every 8-12 years when they forget what a democrat is like they make a democrat president now they see it comes through socialism and micro management. more interesting than democrats who are responding to the election in virginia and new jersey and new hampshire tir. >> massachusetts. >> scott brown. also the polls of people one of the latest poll out says 45 percent of people admit to voting for obama. >> there are worse polls than that. >> people don't lie to pollsters. >> nearly 80 percent wan -- 8 percent want the democratic on gres to say the same.
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i followed polls my whole life i have never seen one that bad. >> that is something. that was at the new york times editorial board. >> it is interesting to watch, though, you have howard dean say the democrats need a spinal transplant. he is calling his party a bunch of wimps he has pressure from the left they think he is not liberal enough that he is cap pit lating on the war and the economy. >> i so hope he listens to them. follow everything daily cause and howard dean says. go all of the way with this socialist stuff. >> some of them i think are being utterly disingenuous senator rockefeller you knew what he thought about cole before election day. th let that be a lesson to you voters. >> i can understand ben nelson blanch lincoln they are done, they are finished. >> it is not like they have analyzed the situation and have decided no he's moving the o country too left too nas.
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voters are going to throw him out. what i was going to say on the fake anger with obama from, from paul krugman about his remark about how he doesn't be grudge the big wall street bonuses these guys are my friends that's either phony or democratic pace is more stupid than elected politicians are. wall street are not repub can's friends. only don bane another and are dumb enough to think they are friends to republicans. >> what do you think of all of the people hannity & colmes ter are knee jerk right wingers. >> thank you. >> when it turns out that everything we saw about parrack obama has come to fruition and those that were there we will give them the benefit of the doubt there's not a difference between the two parties. they couldn't have been more
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wrong. >> well, most voters are pretty consistent in the way they vote. they are for conservatism or for big government. howard dean 30 percent of hard-core liberals are the ones that approve the socialism. >> 40 percent conservative. this is a center right group. >> that has been true for 50 years those polls show twice as many people call themselves conservatives. there are people in the middle who don't pay attention. americans forget what a democ i like after a republican has been in office for a while. they start pushing amnesty for illegals they get corrupt and cry a democrat out. you get jimmy carter you get a big bun punch back with ronald reagan. bill clinton with the 94 republican congress and obama ten months and christie in new jersey, scott brown in
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massachusetts. we have it down from 4 years to 10 months. if we work really hard we can get it down to 3 weeks. >> where can republicans blow it? >> thank you for asking. >> no, because i fear two things can happen. the tea party movement can start their own candidates, republicans, republicans spend too much money they lost touch they lost values they lost in 2006 and 2008. >> you have to be careful about they. there have been some republicans magnificent straight through. the important thing is there are a lot of bad republicans there are no good democrats. keep that in mind. >> that would be a good book. >> that ob will be on my grave stone. there are two-ways republicans can be heard now. the tea party can be helpful in some races, i think they weren't so great in recent illinois governor's race. we have the magnificent candidate who out spent $90,000
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bill brady the two next candidates for liberals and republicans two support abortion. they spent $5 million he is the nominee or appears he will be. how about the tea party movement get behind him he's for prayer in schools and against abortion. brady get in and support him. >> you tell me if i am wrong. i think you are right there have been good republicans stay true to conservative values. i think if conservative movement does not take back the republican party. you have to give them credit when they are right they opposed healthcare and tax bill and omnibus bill. republicans stop that. they deserve credit. >> of course they do. i get angry when people act like there's no difference between the two parties. that's insane. look at how the votes have been going. by the way there is no organized tea party movement. what we mean here are completely -- i wish there were and you can contact them when you need them. there isn't. they can't contact one another
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by the way because i have tried. but you know they need to pick the fight in places where a conservative and conservative policies can move. why not go with our positions that are 80 percent popular. how about opposing gay marriage, supporting abortion, supporting tax cuts. the other way republicans can blow this is elected republicans who seem to think wall street is your friend. they are not your friends. they are the friends of democrats. you believe in capitalism they believe in crony capitalicapita. they get the winnings if they win if they lose american tax payer picks up buys the chips for them. that is the way republicans can the two-ways they can lose. >> you have like the most popular column on the web. congratulations. >> thank you. >> ann coulter it is always a pleasure. thank you for being with us. >> good to be here. >> we have more to come on a busy night on "hannity. here's a sneak peek. >> former edwards aid andrew
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young is here with disturbing never before heard voice mails from elizabeth edwards. >> we don't have a jobs bill, we have a jobs agenda. >> when harry dumps the jobs bill after he complains it was too by partisan. the obama administration wants to obtain data with your control phone without a war rant. >> one of the most disturbing thing about the republican party over the last decades they don't believe in science any more. >> howard dean will say anything to get attention. all of that plus governor mike huckabee, tucker crawlson and deirdre imus.
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the administrati >> the administration makes a lot of pleas for bipartisanship and they are aimed across the aisle at the gop. they are dubbed the party of no. the administration is running into an unexpected obstructionist prince har prin
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read. he announced he is taking it back to the drawing board. >> we are going to move this afternoon to a smaller package than talked about in the press. i don't know what they could say to oppose this. what we have seen since obama was elected they have opposed everything they are the party of no. >> prince harry thinks the bill is too bloated and is he right and how will they react to the most recent brakes in the ranks. arkansas governor host of his own show here on the fox news channel it's called "hannity. mike huckabee is with us. >> it ought to be called "hannity." >> how is that show "huckabee"? >> just getting under your skin. >> not at all. >> i want to ask you a different question. the president is trying to get them to go along with the
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deficit reduction system and town hall in healthcare. i think the republicans are getting set up. i want to get your reaction. >> they could be if they allow him to sort of frame the debate and then they have to say yes or no to it. but they also have an opportunity. this is good political theater. it could be good for the republicans if they have a target plan they can communicate in words that matter to the american people they can put the president on the spot and force him to answer their questions. >> there you would be right i hope they are smart enough to do it otherwise it becomes a pr disaster. >> i think that they had to understand what the perimeters of the game were. that's true whether you are playing football or politics. you have to know what the rules of engagement are. you have to understand what they are walking into.
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>> you have to have more democrats than republicans you get the most moderate republicans you can and it gives them cover to raise taxes which he says in a bloomberg it is agnostic about it. >> the pago plan he signed today which got a lot of attention and sounds so good we are going to spend money we can't ask for with cuts in the budget. there are things national correspondent able that can't be cut. the only way to fix it is raise taxes. >> the way i would fix it is i would cut taxes. >> you would cut taxes but the pay go plan doesn't touch 40 percent of the budget doesn't touch military education, doesn't touch medicaid and doesn't touch social security. the pieces of the federal budget aren't on the table. >> basically if the president says he is agnostic about raising taxes on people that
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make less than 250,000 a year which is a cornerstone of his campaign, isn't he walking into a george herbert washer bush read my lips no new taxes moment? >> he ought to watch the street and ought to watch what happens when president bush which i love which i think is one of the most genuine people in the world when he he said it he was at 91 percent approval rating in october of 91 and a year later he was defeatedefeated. >> it was nuts. >> it's huge. >> what i don't understand maybe this is the old fashioned site. handshake is your word. >> this is washington. >> you shake the hands and you count your fingers when you get your hands back. >> washington does not play by the rules you and i grew up with. >> i live in a world where i shook your hand i would check my fingers at the end of it. c span, transparency, earmark,
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unemployment won't go above 8 percent. lobbyists he is not keeping the promises. a cornerstone of his campaign he is agnostic about. that's usually an indicator he's about to break his promise. is anybody around him saying, mr. president, you made this promise again and again. >> i wonder who the advisors are at this moment. they are not serving him very well. it's not just the issue of the taxes. it's the fact that there's a complete disconnect of understanding in the white house of what a small business operator is. this $250,000 threshold that's not about business that's about small business. they will be in the tax hike increase but that's not what they are making. they are filing taxes as an individual tax payer. they are a small business. >> oy want to go back to the political side we were discussing with colter in the last segment.
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this should be according to every poll this should be a big year for republicans. >> should be. >> there's a lot of enthusiasm after virginia new jersey and massachusetts. what are the pill falls? i don't think you count your chickens before they hatch. >> things can turturnover night the election cycle. they have to be important not to think they are in love with them. they didn't deliver on the promises just like they were mad at the republicans for over giving. harry reid gave republicans a wonderful gift. he wrapped it ga happeneded it them on a silver platter when he rejected what had been the by partisan bill. it was crafted by merchandise rat democrats and republicans. a lot of conservatives didn't really like it. here it was touted as by partisan. reid pulls it out from their own
9:19 pm
guys and we don't want to support the bill reid can say what he wants to but they can say we were supporting a by partisan bill not your partisan bill. >> i didn't like the bill either. they were factoring healthcare in that bill and a lot of people prpt paying attention. >> you still think you can have government money to create jobs? the best thing you can let businesses know no new taxes no new costly regulations and no new mandates that will create problems for you hiring me. >> we have part two with your interview with tony blair. >> first interview he did. fascinating interview. >> i found him a fascinating guy. we will be watching on the huckabee hannity hours. >> the obama administration wants to be able to access data from your cell phone and blackberry without a war rant. does that mean we can stop listening to conversations with
9:20 pm
paris now. and drew young and his wife sherry show shocking voice mails never before heard from elizabeth edwards. we will play them coming up on "hannity.
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hannity's america, so did you know that the federal government can track your whereabouts using data from your
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blackberry and cell phone and liberals, brace yourself, the obama administration supports this monitoring without a warr supports dismonitoring without a war rant. according to the justice department there is no reasonable expectation of privacy when it comes to the location of american cell phones. cnn news reports the administration believes no rights are violated when a phone company reveals it's record to the government and all of this is being argueed by the justice department by the third sir cute court of appeals in philadelphia. the government wants to over turn a previous ruling that would require warrants in order to obtain cell phone data. how liberals complain bush administration monitored phone servi conversations between terrorists. good news for democrats. chris dodd and byron dorgan who announced they would not seek reelection for governor. rhode island congressman patrick kennedy announced the end of his
9:25 pm
rocky tenure in a youtube video. let's take a look. >> now having spent two decades in politics my life is taking a new direction and i will not be a candidate for reelection next year. rhode island, thank you. >> i can tell you america thanks you for your retirement. today gallop release data showing the states who's residents were most comfortable with their standard of living. leading the pack is the state of north dakota they say they are happy. topping the list are alaska, minnesota. north dakota governor announced he was running for the senate is leading his democratic chang ger by a mile. let's take a look. governor hoeven would win in a
9:26 pm
landslide over tracy potter if the election were held today. they can put a check on the state of north dakota put it in the loss column for 2010. >> finally tonight the melt down is brought to you by former chair howard dean. he is one of the many liberals trying to defend the theory of global warming in light of the loads of snow dumped over the entire country and specifically the northeast and defending that theory it is no easy task these days in an interview last night with abc news dean took out his frustration on a familiar enemy. >> one of the most disturbing things about the republican party over the last couple decades is they don't believe in science any more. that's not likely and not an approach that's likely to generate any kind of creative thinking or serious about the
9:27 pm
future. >> nice try. it's not just the snow. remember the thing called climate gauge and how they are facing the alarmist findings on students papers? maybe it's you and al gore need to do serious thinking about your point and the future of the country. if you didn't think john edward scandal could get any stranger you are wrong. they are here with exclusive never before heard voice mails from elizabeth edwards and it's a side of her she does not want you to hear. that and deirdre imus next. i've been getting, um, headaches and a kind of pressure behind my eyes. i'm wondering if you've ever been checked for cortical spreading depression. [ doctor ] yeah. actuly, he was. november 11, 2009. came back negative. march 23, 2007, a c.t. scan for nasal polyps -- also negative. july 1, 2006 -- advised to quit smoking.
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>> from america's news headquarters i am mary ann rafferty. one of the victims in chicago fire was a baby. the building was already engulfed in flames when they arrived. authorities are saying it's unclear how many families lived in the three story structure which makes searching difficult. it isable to house up to 5 families but no word yet. a large section of the roof coming down in pittsburgh during a youth hockey tournament. no players were on the ice at the time. a search was done ems personnel saying a short time ago that everyone who was in the rink is
9:32 pm
accounted for. no word on injuries. reports say no and ice on t -- and ice may have contributed to the collapse. i am mary ann rafferty, back to you "hannity. >> tonight there are even more bizarre twists in the scandals with john edwards. andrew young former aid revealed elizabeth edwards threatened him with a lawsuit. the alienation of affection suit would allege andrew young was partially responsible for the edwards marriage breakup. the man who was at one time john edwards closest confidante is continuing to tell his side of the story. tonight for the first time he and his wife reveal never before heard voice mails he heard elizabeth edwards would not want you to hear. joining me are andrew young and his wife sherry. he is the author of new york times best seller the politician
9:33 pm
and insider's accounter john edward pursuant of the presidency and the scandal that brought him down. andrew welcome to the program. sherry welcome po for the first time to the program. thank you for being with us. >> thank you for having us. thank you. >> when you were here launching your book and launch week, we were going to play these voice mails, but just prior to air you told us we were not allowed to air them because of the lawsuit. can you give us a little background? >> well, there were some -- we were caught by surprise by the threat. the lawsuit hasn't been file the yet, but the lawsuit claimed that she was going to si sue mer alienation of affection. she asked i give money for a foundation for her son and i turn over all of the voice mails and e-mails she left on my cell
9:34 pm
phone and e-mail account things that are clearly my property. just like the lawsuit with rielle hunter they were seeking to get items that corroborate not only my book but evidence to the grand jury investigation against john edwards. >> i read this book cover to cover and sherry i had an opportunity to meet you when your husband was doing his first interview with us. you really came off as the hero in this book. before be play the voice messages could you explain how from your perspective when your husband comes to you and says i have to accept paternity for john edward's baby why did you go along with that? >> that is a long answer. i will try to do it. there were several things that came into play that day. he didn't come to me and say i had to do this. he ce said he was asked. he was honest and told me exactly what happened. at this point we were just as a
9:35 pm
reminder, we -- rielle had already moved to north carolina we had gotten her a house, a car. she had already filled a house, the how is that we rented for her with i guess $100,000 of furniture, andrew had already been taken off the campaign pay role and john lined him up a job and healthcare. so at this point we were so far -- andrew was already getting money to take care of rielle. we were far into that mess. >> he describes in the book you were the one saying what are we doing here pretty much all along. >> right. >> this is not something you wanted to do. >> no. actually, i wasn't happy with him for years with working with the edwards. >> she never liked john edwards. she liked his causes. >> right. i did believe that edwards had the ability to be president and i believed in andrew.
9:36 pm
so. >> go ahead. >> just going back to that day. what ultimately changed my mind because at first i said heck no. it was much much worse than that. i actually said why would you even bring this up, why did you not tell him no? this is hours of going back and forth. it came down to i listened to a conversation between he and rielle and i was on the line. edwards went fwhoo this mess about it was his chance he could win. elizabeth was going to die. he didn't want her to know about this and it wasn't going to be long and he would come clean either after the election was over or it didn't matter he would come clean and this would be short term for us. >> these voice mails, i read the transcript. i am going to hear them for the first time. i read the tranc transcript. these are voice mails from
9:37 pm
elizabeth edward to you, sherry. why don't we play them and get the context. they are pretty shocking. let's role the tape. >> july 8, 2008 at 7:47 p.m. eastern time. >> july 23rd, 2008 at 8:54 a.m. eastern time. cler clear>> august 10th, 2008 at 12:04 p.m. eastern time. >> cheri, it didn't sound exactly like her.
9:38 pm
>> some of the phone calls came in with her number. these are only three of the many voice mails. the cabbing el at the end of the breathing is the same cabbing el that she did on a voice mail left in january of 08. her voice mails targeting me at first i didn't understand. but thin it became clear to me that she really knew the truth. she was angry at me for going along with the story. >> it is like she is taunting you in the e-mails. when i read the book i was shocked how elizabeth edwards came off in the book as we discussed last time, andrew. again cheri this is to your voice mail not to andrews. it has to do with the baseball card situation accusing you have stealing her son weighed's baseball cards.
9:39 pm
this is the son that they had lost. why don't you set that up before we play it? >> they were building the mansion over in chappell hill and they were living in a rental house in chapel hill. they had a pipe that burst and flooded at the old house. when i got over there there were 30 or 40 people working to mitigate the damage. the senator asked me to take charge of it. i worked for a good month and a half on trying to save all of the items for this how is that they have lived in for 15, 18 years. the house was so damaged you couldn't even close the front door at night. i called elizabeth one day and said, there's a box mixing from weighed's room, did you remove it because it was valuable? i called the police. it was a box of sports
9:40 pm
memorabilia. they arrested somebody from the water mitigation that was pawning baseball cards. >> she knew this but she called cheri anyway. >> september 11th, 2008 at 9:27 a.m. eastern time. >> andrew stole some of weighed's sports cards. everybody else that had possibility of getting them has taken a lie detector test. leaves andrew. i can't believe he would have stolen from my dead son, but he did. i want weighed's cards back. weighed would want ch jack to h them not andrew. he would want jack to have them. it's the only decent thing to do. i am asking you all to return them, to return weighed's cards. >> we are running out of time. a quick response from you cheri first? >> that was two or three years after the incident.
9:41 pm
we had never heard a thing before that. she was desperate. >> they were trying to destroy my reputation to make the story about me being the father more credible. it was painful. >> there are more tapes coming. >> there's a lot of them. >> all right guys. thank you for being with us. the book is called "the politician." let not your heart be troubled when we come back mrs. imus, tucker carlson much more on the great, great, great american panel. ♪ boss: y'know, geico opened its doors back in 1936
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subaru, the only manufacturer we americans are always at our best when we hear and heed the cries of others. when confronted with massive human suffering, americans have always stepped up and answered the call to help. but there's never been anything on the scale of human tragedy in our own hemisphere like what we're now witnessing in haiti. today president clinton and i are joining together to appeal to you with real urgency. give now, and lives will be saved. thank you. thank you. tonight on great merge panel, >> he was a senior spokesman for hillary clinton's campaign and is founding partner. he is edit editor and daily cal tucker carlson and she is the founder and president of deirdre imus environmental center from
9:46 pm
pediatric oncology hackensack university medical center. she has a weekly blog at it's called green your worlds with mcdonalds. >> oh, no. >> the wife of radio host don imus is here. >> you are bad. >> you always lecture me about i shouldn't eat this and that. >> you said you had a philly cheese steak before you came here and you say you lost 8 pounds. >> your husband calls me a fatty on the radio. >> he speaks the truth. >> you just told me i never looked better. >> i lost weight. >> you look great now. you lost 8 pounds. you look great anyway. you are a stud you know that. >> i have deirdre imus to call me a stud. that's it. the week is over. >> we just had the interview from the youngs. it's not even to andrew young it's to the wife. let's roll the tape.
9:47 pm
>> july 8, 2008 at 7:47 p.m. eastern time. >> (chuckle) >> july 23rd, 2008 at 8:54 a.m. eastern time. cl august 28th at 12:04 eastern time. >> what's weird is she knew about the affair with her husband and edwards. right? >> first of all the heavy breathing how do they know that's her and it's not lindsay lohan. that's ridiculous. >> it's from their number they are saying.
9:48 pm
>> but still. >> this is a damaged person. a sick puppy. i have been yelled at personally by elizabeth edwards. >> you have? >> yes, i have. >> she said i don't like you. i said i like you. less now now that i heard the tapes. i have to say these people taped her without her knowledge. >> no she left voice mails. >> i know but they worked for them. they took the edwards money. far be it for me to -- something creepy about stealing people's sex tapes and taking phone messages and take notes on them. don if you don't like them don't take their money. >> the thing that's worse is why did he save all of these messages? >> at this point it was disingrated. she is calling the other guy's wife then on the other hand i am thinking she finds out her husband had an affair had a baby with had other woman lied to her all these years she has cancer she is fighting for her life. i am torn.
9:49 pm
>> it is hard not to feel a little bit of sympathy for elizabeth edwards, cancer, lost a son, cancer what her husband put her through. this is as close a thing to a true american political tragedy. thooes through not one single person in this whole story. >> clintons were a little bit of a tragedy. i am not going to go there. >> i am putting it up against that. >> can i say how close america came to having to deal with this soap opera. he was a vice presidential nominee. where was the president? i covered him, edwards in 2004. you could tell he was weird. no nun knew he was this weird. what if he wound up with this sick bier rash entore rash. >> he came that close to being vice president. >> there's probably more to this. in defense of ms mrs. edwards, e on, she is hanging on for her
9:50 pm
life. genie one who knows cancer goes through cancer. we see these kid, the impact it has and to make her out to be the bad one. if she said she didn't like you she probably had a legitimate reason, tucker. >> don't defend that. harassing this guy's wife there's no defending any of it. any one involved in this story they have all gone. >> what did don do wrong to buy you that? >> the watch? you are assuming he bought this for me. that could be sexist, isn't it? >> you are assuming he bought me this watch. >> he is your husband. >> how did you know i didn't have it before. >> did he buy it for you? >> he did. >> what did he do wrong? that's the most beautiful watch i have ever seen. >> it's the only watch i have. i never had a watch before i met him. >> i would marry you for that watch. upbeat rock. ♪ singer: hello hello hello can anybody hear me? ♪
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we continue with our >> we continue with our great, great american panel. patrick kennedy is not going to seek reelection. will that be good, bad indifferent for the election? >> personally i think i read his
9:55 pm
statement. i thought it was beautiful. >> his whole awe re career was . he was pathetic but he mistreated them around him. i don't think it was uncommon. at one point the coast guard had to take a girlfriend off the boat because he was going to rescue her. >> his father died. i think that changes a lot. when someone has an addiction that serious unless you have a family member or someone who goes through addiction a lot of people -- i only want the best for him. >> that is not an excuse. >> go face it on your own time. i know a lot of people addicted to drugs and alcohol. i don't drink any more. >> i tend to give politicians
9:56 pm
who are leaving office the benefit of the doubt when they tell us they are leaving awes. the loss of his father probably affected him. he probably lost a taste for politi politics. you had a bunch on both side of the i'll retiring. >> you had campaigns you would not be want wanting to represe democrats. >> i am working on campaigns working for democrats and i am happy to do it. >> because you get paid. >> having said that because historically that's the trend. it's not a slam dunk for the republicans. there are a lot of republicans stepping down. >> you got the sled guy we are not going to show the whole video. this is a tragic story the olymp olympic start. country of georgia.
9:57 pm
high speed crash. there's a lot of talk maybe be the track is too fast and maybe some of the shredders were saying this thing is going way, way too fast. this is so dangerous the eve of the opening ceremonies that took place. we have video before and after out of respect for the family. >> 21 years old. >> was this his first olympics then? >> yeah. died at the hospital. >> it is tragic. makes me respect them more. there is risk in this. these guys are really brave. doesn't diminish this man's death but i think it makes it all of the cooler the other people are willing to do this. it is dangerous. >> i can't say anything differently. it's tragic. >> how are they add dressing it? >> they just decided -- there
9:58 pm
was talk they might pull out of the olympics the georgia delegation but they are going to continue it. they are going to go forward. >> our u.s. marines launch a major offensive in afghanistan. something that we knew was coming for some period of time. here's where i am angry at obama. generals ask for ex number of troops 40,000. it took them four months to make the decision. why do you not give the generals what they think they need on the ground for success? >> the commander in chief makes the ultimate decision. this president made the decision . >> what experience does he have? >> he did what he said he would do from the candidate. >> you are ducking my question. why if the general had 40,000 he would go 30. why do they have to wait four months? >> this is the president. i wasn't obviously in the room when the deliberations were taking place.
9:59 pm
this is a president who took quite a bit of time and weighed the decisions. >> they need 40,000 or they risk fal your. thousand are their words. >> the two words that come to mine are eric and she can key. this is the argument they made with bush against the invasion of iraq. they are committing only so many. i am not a military commander. i don't know how many are necessary. i hope a the white house is focused on this not just healthcare and domestic boon goggles. there's a discreet achievement they are trying to get let's get out. obama is never fully committed. >> he never seems to back off of that. >> like discussing where they are going to have the trial now sheikh mohammed -- mohammed -- khalid. where is that going to be


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